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The Purpose of Personal Development

To Discover and Develop Who You Truly Are


About Me

At the age of 14 I had a great realization, that without managing and controlling my thoughts and emotions I would be nothing but a leaf at the mercy of the wind. At the time I did not even know the term personal development, but I decided I would observe my thoughts and direct them better, also I would control my emotions. This is how my journey started.

At 19 I discovered Mindfulness and practiced it ever since to increase my focus and balance. Mindfulness helped me explore my unconscious mind and live life in the present moment to the fullest.

For my bachelor's degree in Psychology, my thesis was on improving concentration and reducing distractions through mindfulness practice.

For my master's degree in counseling and educational Psychology, my thesis was on amplifying cognitive speed in decoding and synthesis of information through mindfulness.

In 2019 I facilitated a workshop on Mindfulness at the International Conference on Applied Psychology, ICAPES 2019.

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Specialized in Stress Management, Mindfulness, Self-Discovery, Insight, Leadership, Anxiety, Depression and Burnout.

Stress Management

No one has taught us how to deal with stress and how to manage our thoughts and emotions.

Mindfulness practice increases our resilience to stress and helps us manage our thoughts and emotions better.

We can use breathing exercises to shift gears from stress to calm and relaxation.

Together we will learn to create routines and habits both in the inner landscapes of our mind and outside in daily and weekly activities that liberate us from stress and promote calm and relaxation.


Mindfulness is the continuous focus on the present experience with an attitude of non-judgment. Mindfulness exercises help us attain and maintain this focus. Mindfulness improves our memory, emotional management, resilience and leadership.
​Our Mind is like a muscle we can train it to make it stronger. With mindfulness training, our mind muscles become stronger.


Mindfulness helps us understand the conditions of a situation better.
We are in full control of our actions, we stop reacting to situations.
Our perspective broadens based on a mindfulness attitude of non-judgment and understanding.
Mindfulness increases our empathy. We feel the state of the meeting and everyone involved.
Finally, mindfulness increases our focus, and our awareness making us see everything clearer and take better decisions.


Almost everyone has expectations of the future, they do not need to be negative scenarios anymore.
The future is being built in the present moment, with mindfulness techniques we can refocus on the present moment, enjoy our life more and build a positive future step by step in the continuous present moment.

With breathing techniques we can get out of a state of anxiety and go into a state of relaxation and calm.
With cognitive-behavioral techniques, we can change and transform our ways of thinking about the future.


Depression is a mood disorder that causes feelings of sadness and lack of motivation. When we are depressed, we tend to focus more on the negative aspects of our life and our past. 

Mindfulness helps reduce symptoms of depression.

Cognitive behavioral therapy can help change our thinking patterns and have a more positive outlook on life.
A humanistic approach can change how we view ourselves and the world.


Repeated stress in prolonged periods can drain us emotionally and physically.
Burnout is most often caused by work, yet it can appear in other areas of life, such as relationships.

Stress management is the most vital part of dealing with burnout. Through mindfulness techniques, we can learn to manage our thoughts and emotions better and increase our resilience towards stress.

Breathing techniques can help us shift from stress to calm and relaxation.

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